The pharmaceutical industry experienced an unprecedented rate of increase in the cost of developing new drugs while the number of new drugs that were approved and accepted in the marketplace has reached a very low level. The new product launch phase is a critical part of the total new product development process and it is being a major challenge for pharma, perfect product launch involves managing the development and support of complex products and services throughout the entire lifecycle from product design to product build to post-sale services.

How are you manging you current Pharma project lifecycle (New Product Development), How you are ensuring the projects are Consolidated platform for opportunity assessment (NDA/ANDA), Is it integrated with Orange Book / RLD (Reference Listed Drugs), How you are pulling market sales information to pull sales and growth data from the product. Does it help you score/rate the opportunity or Idea of new drug, total cost of solution, decision support for projects, document management, identify and evaluate risks?

We ensure to manage it for you as a consistent, continuous, scalable and measurable service and you will gain a specialist partner with real accountability and performance. Following is our Pharma NPD solution offerings:

Solution Highlights

Pharmaceutical new product development / R&D projects

End to End process lifecycle from drug development idea capture to launch

Predictability of Total Cost of Solution Ownership and time to go-live

Preconfigured dashboard for business stakeholders

45+ predefined document template, mobile enabled

Solution – Addressing Specific Industry Challenges

Budget Management

  • Detailed Project Budgeting
  • Ability to define budgets at project as well as portfolio level.
  • Support Vat in Customer Bids, Procurements & Sales.
  • Budget consumption based on actual cost
  • Operational & Financial Milestone Management
  • Ability to seamlessly integrate with Order and Quota Management

Project Lifecycle Management

  • Ability to understand Material and Services also as resource
  • Integrate Material & services feed for operational planning
  • Integrated DMS for design reusability
  • Integrated BIM Adoption
  • Detailed Project Budget & Cost Control
  • Detailed Project Forecast Control
  • Support Increasing tax compliances & environmental regulations


  • Support Strategic/ Tactical and Operational Planning
  • Demand Planning ability to understand project execution input
  • Supply Planning ability to integrate with project execution
  • Simulation – what-if Scenarios
  • Quick Re-planning capabilities to integrate with project execution
  • Fill resource and material demand and initiate requisitions
  • Monte Carlo algorithms, to estimate project budgets and establish contingency plans

Facility and Maintenance Management

  • Preventive & Correction Maintenance
  • Portal service request process & in-the-field technician WO mobile update
  • Real time visibility of property data for effective decision making
  • Track & control all lifecycle cost related to properties (maintenance, utilities, etc. by tracking warranties of assets)
  • Facility Condition Inspection Process
  • Deficiencies, Differed Maintenance, Replacement Costs, Current and future deferred Maintenance needs

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