About Calibrate

Calibration involves the automated capture and summarization of monthly performance data from Oracle Cloud ERP or eBS, eliminating the need for manual data collection. It encompasses:

  • Gather detailed operational metrics across critical processes such as P2P, O2C, R2R, A2R, S&OP, and related activities.
  • Provide transparency into performance metrics across different business units and regions.
  • Analyze cycle time, efficiency, and technology utilization at the process level.
  • Monitor progress through month-to-month trend analysis.

Calibrate facilitates a comprehensive understanding of performance metrics, enabling informed decision-making and continuous improvement efforts within the organization.

Business Benefits Calculator

Review of key performance and understand business case with 1 point analysis

Rediscover Operational Excellence with Calibrate

  • Assess and evaluate existing business processes for thoroughness and alignment with best practices.
  • Automatically connect, extract, and report on current operational performance.
  • Establish a connection between strategic goals and operational metrics.
  • Measure and identify discrepancies in Oracle eBS/Cloud configuration based on strategic objectives.

Solution Roadmap: Analyzing Areas for Improvement

  • The impact on business outcomes
  • Risks associated with adoption
  • Effort required for implementation across all business process areas

Business and System Assessment Approach

Review of key performance and understand business case with 1 point analysis

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