Construction & Engineering (C&E) enterprises are challenged by time and budget overruns, Lesser funding for capital projects, rising material and labor costs, increasing project complexity, and decreased availability of skilled workers. In an industry operating on wafer thin margins, even a single project running behind schedule can erode profitability significantly.

We offer a suite of services to address project coordination and offer better visibility into fragmented applications while operating within the contours of a defined timeline and budget. We offer Construction & Engineering (C&E)-in-a-Box solution to manage concurrent projects across regions which streamlines planning, identifies interdependencies across programs, and incorporates latest solutions from Oracle C&E that support the full Bid-to-Handover life cycle, from investment planning to capital project delivery and O&M, enabled with real-time collaboration and decision-making.

Solution Highlights

Large scale and complex construction projects templates

65+ pre-built, ready-to-deploy business processes

Covering entire project lifecycle from bid management to project closure

Project driven material supply chain and material traceability

Integrated with BIM & IoT Connected Worker

Pre-configured dashboards for different business stakeholders

Mobile solution that captures real-time daily progress update through images

Solution – Addressing Specific Industry Challenges

Budget Management

  • Detailed Project Budgeting
  • Ability to define budgets at project as well as portfolio level.
  • Support Vat in Customer Bids, Procurements & Sales.
  • Budget consumption based on actual cost
  • Operational & Financial Milestone Management
  • Ability to seamlessly integrate with Order and Quota Management

Project Lifecycle Management

  • Ability to understand Material and Services also as resource
  • Integrate Material & services feed for operational planning
  • Integrated DMS for design reusability
  • Integrated BIM Adoption
  • Detailed Project Budget & Cost Control
  • Detailed Project Forecast Control
  • Support Increasing tax compliances & environmental regulations


  • Support Strategic/ Tactical and Operational Planning
  • Demand Planning ability to understand project execution input
  • Supply Planning ability to integrate with project execution
  • Simulation – what-if Scenarios
  • Quick Re-planning capabilities to integrate with project execution
  • Fill resource and material demand and initiate requisitions
  • Monte Carlo algorithms, to estimate project budgets and establish contingency plans

Facility and Maintenance Management

  • Preventive & Correction Maintenance
  • Portal service request process & in-the-field technician WO mobile update
  • Real time visibility of property data for effective decision making
  • Track & control all lifecycle cost related to properties (maintenance, utilities, etc. by tracking warranties of assets)
  • Facility Condition Inspection Process
  • Deficiencies, Differed Maintenance, Replacement Costs, Current and future deferred Maintenance needs

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